download (3)Do you have a paranormal team, website, podcast, or are you trying to break out on your own? I can assist you. Having been involved in the creation of 3 teams, a couple of podcasts, publishing of books, and more, I have built a variety of experience in the paranormal field. I can assist you with branding, marketing, website creation, publishing, producing, and more.

I am offering all of my services to the paranormal team at a discounted rate. Because I know that making money in the paranormal world comes from books and advertisement, not investigating, I have created special packages just for those in the paranormal field (this includes paranormal, cryptids, UFOs, and the like).

If you are interested in my services and would like the discounted rate, simply email me at with the subject line Paranormal Assistant Needed.

I can help you no matter your level of knowledge. I specialize in getting “offline” business online with appropriate and astonishing branding. Basically, paranormal is the same. You may have a website, but is it eye-catching? Is it allowing you to take your team, podcast, or personal services to the next level?

You may need my services if you are:

  • An Author
  • A Podcaster
  • Trying to get TV/ Radio interviews
  • A team that is getting started
  • A team that needs a boost to the next level
  • A stand alone investigator that needs assistance
  • Anyone in the paranormal field

Services you may be interested in include:

  • Website creation
  • Social Media account set up/ optimized
  • Social Media management
  • Blog management
  • Press Release writing/ distribution
  • Book formatting/ publication
  • Writing (Biographies, blurbs, more)
  • General Administrative duties
  • Booking on radio/ television/ podcasts
  • General help with start up/ team creation
  • Production/ Producing of shows
  • Event Management/ Promotion

Here are some examples of Websites and Other Online Services


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