We love love. It’s pretty great when you’re able to meet a person who cares about you and respects you, and when you can also care about and respect this person in return. A lot of finding the right person involves timing, and so it’s especially nice when two people decide that now is the right time for a long-term relationship, and then, a while after that, decide they want to get married. A big part of many engagements, however, is an engagement ring. Such rings are traditionally seen as something the woman wears before the big day, but nowadays many men are wearing them as well. There are a few different ways to approach buying an engagement ring, and one increasingly popular option is designing a ring together.

A unique love

We all want to feel special and unique. There’s even a saying that goes something like, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” Jokes aside, every love is different, and that’s good. Some couples meet online, while others meet through mutual friends. Some couples want to get married at the beach, while others plan on eloping to Las Vegas. It makes sense that you want a ring that reflects your feelings toward each other. When you’re excited to start your life, sometimes a standard ring just doesn’t seem like enough. The first thing to do is find a reputable local jeweler who is willing to work with you and your fiance. If you’re getting married in Brisbane, Australia, then you’ll probably want to also look for engagement rings in Brisbane. You can go with a national chain or a local, family-owned store. It’s all about finding an environment that makes you feel comfortable. You don’t want an overly pushy salesperson, either, because then you risk ending up with something you don’t like simply because you wanted the badgering to stop. Never say, “yes,” if you really mean, “I’m not sure.” That’s true for both weddings and wedding rings.

Budgets and time frames

Getting a custom engagement ring isn’t usually a speedy process. You have to figure out the design and then wait for the ring to be made. If you want the engagement ring to be completed by a certain time (such as before a big engagement bash), then make sure to start the process early and be very clear about your deadlines.

You should also be prepared to spend more on something custom-made than on something that you can buy right off the shelf (or display case). If you had a certain budget in mind for a traditional, pre-made ring, it’s worth bumping that budget up somewhat for a more exclusive design. Don’t, however, feel the need to spend a lot of money to “prove” that your love will last. There is no piece of jewelry capable of doing that. If spending more money protected couples against divorce or misfortune, then people who drop a million dollars on a wedding would be married for a hundred years. That’s not how life, or love, works.


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