If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, this is a tough time. Friends and family alike are devastated by the news, and so are you. “Cancer” is one of the most hated words in the English language, and you wish it had never come anywhere near you or the ones you love. A diagnosis, however, is not the end. Cancer can be fought, and cancer can be beaten. You have a journey ahead of you, but it’s one that will create beauty in the struggle and hope for the future.

As you move towards treatment, you can expect your doctor to talk you through the most common cancer-fighting options. You’ll discuss chemo, and if you choose to undergo the treatment, you can expect some negative side effects, including hair loss and nausea–but not even chemo will have the last word over you. Chemo is used for good reason, in that it’s one of our most effective ways of fighting back. The treatment won’t last forever, and it gives you a way to kick cancer back. Another treatment you’ll likely discuss with your doctor is surgery, and your doctor will put you in contact with a center. A brain tumor would be removed somewhere like the Atlantic Neurosurgical Specialists, and a mastectomy performed somewhere like this New Jersey Breast Center in Edison, NJ. Surgery is not always necessary, so that first discussion with your doctor is just that: a discussion.

Besides these standard options for fighting cancer, there are some other strategies you can enlist to punch back. A change in diet is often recommended for cancer treatment. The fewer toxins you put into your body through your food, the better off you’ll be. New studies are showing that avoiding animal protein can be a huge help in combating cancer. Researchers found that mice injected with aflatoxin (one of the strongest known carcinogens) reacted differently to the injection based on their milk protein intake. The researchers found that it didn’t matter how much aflatoxin they injected: the mice who consumed less milk protein (less than their daily dietary need) did not get cancer; the mice who consumed more than their daily dose of milk protein did. While researchers are still investigating the role a vegan diet plays in fighting cancer, there are many more studies that lend credence to the benefits of going vegan! As you fight, enlist the power of growing things and take time to study new developments in cancer research. You still have a great deal of power when it comes to how your body heals, so as you fight, investigate. Cancer doesn’t get to have the last word over you.

One part of beating cancer is handling the stress that comes along with it, and we all know that more appointments can be impossible. You may benefit from online therapy from sites like BetterHelp.

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