It’s no secret that you can sell just about anything online. From people getting rid of old TVs on Craigslist to people offering a weekend in their vacation home through VRBO, to businesses that have grown and thrived using only an online store–the internet has created unlimited selling opportunities. The reason is simple: the internet connects you to anywhere. A girl in America can buy her prom dress from China, and a woodworker in Norway can sell his candlesticks to a couple in Japan. We’re all connected, and that leaves plenty of opportunity for business growth and sales potential.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of making an online business. An online store can be a great way to start turning a full-time or part-time profit since your handmade items or direct liquidation can be sold for higher than what you paid. Buy wholesale pallets, and you can make a profit on inventory you invested less time into. Shipping allows you to send it anywhere. You can have a thriving Amazon shop out of your back porch, or an Etsy business that brings in an extra grand a month, just from the crafts you create on the weekends. Online businesses have a lower set up cost: they require no office. You can work from home. Your customers can peruse your inventory at any time of day: you don’t have to be available 8-5 in a store or pay employees to be. Plus, online stores are easy to track, so you’ll have an easier time seeing which products sell well and which don’t. You’ll also spend less time on the business, since online stores are easy to set up, and most of the features take care of themselves.

Let’s say you aren’t looking to start a full or part-time business selling things online. You should, however, be aware of all the ways online selling could be a benefit to you. Rather than dragging your grandmother’s antique dishes to the thrift store to donate, you could make a significant profit posting them online. The same goes for your old devices, extra junk, and anything else you think would resell. You can even post horses for sale online, allowing other equestrian lovers to find and fall in love with the horse that’s for sale. There’s almost no limit to what can be sold online, and it’s a great way to pass on the love from items you’ve enjoyed, and put some extra money in your pocket.

Whether you want to start a business, or just post a thing or two for sale, the internet offers great opportunities. Next time you have something to sell, consider whether or not it could turn a profit on eBay or Amazon or Craigslist. Your pocketbook will thank you.  

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