We all think, to some extent, that we’re prepared. Our bills are paid. We have a job. For the most part, we don’t think of the life events we could be preparing for, but there are quite a few things we could get ahead on–even if some of them are a bit unusual. Here are five ways you can be taking care of your future (that you probably didn’t seriously think of until just now).

Future Health Issues

Many of us don’t even consider our health until it’s too late. It is, however, a good idea to start investing in your wellbeing now. A future without a debilitating disease is a lot better than one with–and right now, your choices and habits could be all that’s preventing one. Try to alter your diet to include less sugar and animal protein, and try natural health aids, like CBD oil.


Many of us only save a little at a time, hardly considering future savings. You should, however, be putting away 10% of every paycheck. If that’s not possible, try to rearrange your lifestyle until you can financially afford it. While it might not be realistic right away, savings are hugely important, and that 10% is a great buffer against falling into any kind of debt.

Choice of Burial

While a weird one to think about right now, it’s always best to decide how you want to be buried, and let your family know. If you’re in charge of a clan, it also helps to decide on a provider ahead of time. The choice is up to you: coffin or cremation? Many are now preferring cremation services for their low-cost and natural approach to burial. A request for cremation vs. burial means your family will have an easier time knowing what to do, and less of a financial burden.

Protected Information

In the same “weird” vein of the last one, you should have all of your sensitive information, like bank accounts and passwords, written down and kept in a folder. In the event of your death, your spouse or family would be able to access what they needed without unnecessary stress.

Live in the Present

While it might seems a bit antithetical at first, preparing for the future by forgetting about it improves your quality of life. We often enter the future unprepared, because we wasted so much of our present worrying. Instead of living in limbo, an effort to live in the present often encourages us to care for our immediate needs, making the future steadier and more secure.

Instead of preparing for the future with a vague sense of worry, there are practical things we can do right now, in the moment. They’ll help us, and our family and friends, in the long run. They might seem peculiar now, but they’ll afford us peace of mind when the future rolls around.

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