For you, 2017 was a year of hard work. Of discovery. Of making tough calls, and moving forward. You accomplished a lot. You didn’t accomplish everything you wished you could have, but that’s the nature of life. At the end of it all, you’re able to look back and think, “Wow. That was a challenging year. Some of those challenges I made for myself. Most of those challenges I overcame.” But wow. Thinking about everything that you faced throughout the year, in a ten-second replay, feels a little like having a bowling ball dropped on your head. You put up with a lot. You dealt with a lot. You conquered a lot. You’re an older, wiser, and more accomplished person. And, proverbially or not, your feet probably hurt.

After a year like last one, it’s time to take a short rest. It’s time to put your feet up, close your eyes, and think, “Now what?” If you’re like most people, you’re not quite sure how to enjoy the end of a season. While 2018 will bring new challenges, the challenges of 2017 are done, and you’re in the rest period. While you might be enjoying the silence, the lack of stress, the relief… chances are you’re restless. You might not know how to enjoy this time. You might not know how to pat yourself on the back, pamper yourself a little. In other words, you deserve a reward for everything you got done in 2017, and you might not know how to give it.
The good news is, it’s easy. Once you realize that you deserve a thank-you present from yourself (and really, you do) you can settle back and start thinking about what to get yourself. It’s easy, with the internet, to send a thank-you gift or two to yourself. After mulling over what you’d like, you might choose a bit of pampering: bath bombs or a trip to the spa. You might decide you’d like to try a new cocktail recipe, so you easily purchase liquor online, whether you live in Lawrenceville, NJ or Eau Claire, WI, since there’s always an easy way to get what you’re hankering for.

You might decide you want a bigger reward (after all, your 2017 headaches were pretty big) so you think along more exciting lines. Maybe it’s time to take that trip to Iceland, Italy, or the Caribbean. Maybe it’s time to finally remodel your kitchen, and get your dream-space realized. You’re well on your way to daydreaming about it: with modern appliance retailer sites, even gorgeous kitchen appliances are easy to browse from the comfort of your own living room.

No matter what you decide to do for yourself (there’s a reward out there as unique as you are) you’ll be happy with the choice you made. 2017 was quite a roller coaster ride, and you need some time to reflect on how you grew as a person. You also need some time to thank yourself for being the person you were since you got yourself through it.

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