We’ve all been there. We’ve all wished life would just hurry up and make a little more sense. We wish it would show us better colors, smoother roads, fewer decisions. We wish life would stop it already with giving us the short end of the stick.

If you’re there, and you wish life was a little easier, be encouraged. It can be. It starts with a little something called being proactive.

You may have heard already that one of the traits of highly successful people is being proactive. Sure, you think, so that means “do more.” Do more! That’s the last thing you want. If being proactive doesn’t sound very attractive to you, maybe the definition in your head is a little bit off. To be proactive means to act. Instead of reacting to life’s punches, you punch back. Or you punch first. The core of a proactive person is belief. Belief that he or she can make a difference in the world. It might interest you to know that the most important trait a main character in a story can have is (you guessed it) proactiveness. We love to watch the stories, not of people who are nice, or perfect, or even likable… but of people who will go on adventures. We love to watch people who will make a move.

It turns out that your life can be easier, but not because life will ever give you a break. It can be easier because you can stop reacting to life. You can make life react to you, instead.

Say you’re stressed about finding proper cancer care for your father. Instead of worrying and waiting to be assigned a doctor, you can be proactive. Whether you live in Nevada or Connecticut, you can find quality cancer care close to your home with a quick online search. Say you’re renovating a small space for your new shop– and you want the shelves to be just right. Instead of hoping your renovation crew gets it right, you can purchase sleek and classy aluminum slatwall, and put your shelves anywhere you feel like it.

Say you want to travel, and you’re waiting for the money to come in. You work and work, you pay your bills, and still–there’s never enough money to take a trip. You wonder just how long London and Bombay will wait for you. Instead of waiting for life to hand you a trip, take the matter into your own hands. Stop eating your meals out. Cancel your subscriptions. If you’re really serious, move to a smaller apartment. You’ll have enough money to travel the world in no time at all. Plus, you’ll realize that your quality of life hasn’t even taken a cut.

Life doesn’t have to get the best of you. You can get the best of life if you only remember that life is a tool in your hands, and you’re the one spinning the wheel. Best of luck on your adventures!


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