When you think of California, maybe you picture movie stars, bright lights, and sandy beaches. While these are beautiful in their own right, California offers much more in the realm of nature. Did you know that Northern California is home to many beautiful national and state parks? It’s true! Most of these parks are within an hour’s drive from any city and are paradise for those who love to be on the water. Whether you’re into speed boating and waterskiing or simply just canoeing along a peaceful lakeshore, Northern California nature is truly amazing. You’ll be able to grab a beer, round up your friends, and find a lake close by–no matter where you’re at.

Due north of Santa Rosa, Lake Sonoma is absolutely stunning. Golden hills roll along the side of this man-made lake and the clean water provides great fishing year round. Constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers in the early 20th century, the lake provides drinking water for the municipality of Santa Rosa. If you’re excited by the idea of boating, this lake is an absolute classic location for boating. On any given summer Saturday, you’ll find all types of boaters–from lazy pontoon trips to vintage sport boats–cruising along the best lake in wine country.

If you’re looking at boats for sale, check out the options online. With shipping costs so low these days, finding your dream boat is easier than ever. Simply hop online, narrow down your search, pick out your boat, and have it delivered! No matter the size or type, your boat can easily find you at your home or a marina.

Searching online for boats is so simple. First, you’ll have to choose your style. Do you plan on adrenaline-fueled speed runs? Maybe a relaxed pontoon boat cruise is more your style. Either way, don’t waste precious time and money driving around looking at boats. There are no pushy salesmen when you shop online. You’ll be able to ask your questions via email or text, making the buying process a breeze.

While you’re out on the water, there’s nothing as refreshing as a cold, local beer. Northern California is home to many great local breweries. Taking inspiration from the wine industry, the beer scene focuses on craftsmanship and alcohol artistry. If you’re seeking a unique Santa Rosa beer distributor, you’ll have no problem in finding great brews. No matter what your favorite style or location, a good beer distributor offers the best in popular beers. IPA-style beers are the absolute rage in Northern California right now.

There really is no better feeling than piloting a beautiful boat across a shining lake. Think of the friends you’ll make out on the water! The other great thing about having a boat? The world is your playground! With a simple trailer, you’re able to take that beauty to anywhere you please. You’ll never run out of destinations with so many amazing lakes, rivers, and bays in Northern California. Hop online, find yourself a boat. When you’re cruising along–beer in hand and surrounded by friends–you’ll be so glad you did.

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