Redesigning Your Home


So it’s time to update the digs. Redesigning a room or a whole house, while being super labor- and time-intensive, can be majorly rewarding. There’s nothing like getting to show off your house when you’re super proud of it. Home decor is an art form all its own, and this is a great opportunity to exemplify your personal style and values.



Should you hire an interior designer? Interior designers can certainly be pricey, with qualified ones charging around $100 per hour. On the other hand, they might save you money in the long run. They’ll be able to help calculate the actual cost of renovations, as well as the needed time budget. They may also know the best place to get furnishings, flooring, etc., as well as the best contractors to use. They can help avoid major mistakes, as well as making your home fit the aesthetic and needs of you and your family.


Structural stuff

We want the place to look great, but, of course, we also want it to function. This is the time to make sure window are treated, mold is killed off, and filters are updated. No matter how beautiful your home may be, if you’ve got a leak in the roof or wall, the room will be awful to be in. Fortunately, most flooring, window, and wall installation companies offer both looks and functionality. With floors, windows, and wallpaper, you may want to use a company that does installation as well as provide the products. On the other hand, you may be particularly handy; doing your own floors, for instance, could save you lots of money in labor costs, although it will be time-intensive. Remember, walls and flooring cover huge expanses in any room, so they can set the complete tone. While your final choice is really up to you, of course, you may want to opt for an option that is flexible within several styles, so the next time you redecorate, you don’t have to completely redo everything.



For most people, the most thrilling part of renovating a place is the decoration. It can be a fun challenge to put together flooring, walls, lighting, furniture, books, and your collections. Even if you’re updating your space, you will probably have lots of pieces of furniture or decor that you haven’t gotten rid of. You might use these as your starting place. That antique bookshelf might look out-of-place in a highly modernized interior, so if you don’t want to part with the bookshelf, you may want to make the room fit the style of the piece of furniture. On the other hand, this is also the time to make your space new and unique to you. You may like the idiosyncrasy of an antique bookshelf in an otherwise highly modern living room! If you want to make things super unique, you could commission a company to make decorative items or perforated lighting fixtures that you won’t find anywhere else. (This level of personalization is something that an interior designer would be excellent help with.) Whatever you choose, be true to your aesthetic, as well as the needs of your home.

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