When I partner with a new client or have a meeting with a potential client, I am always asked the same question. It doesn’t matter the type of work the particular client wants, they are always curious about my virtual assistant services. I thought I would answer that question here. What does a virtual assistant do? Well, depending on the particular VA, they do everything. For instance- I do not offer bookkeeping services, but I do manage calendars, create graphics, manage social media, and so much more. Here are 100 tasks a virtual assistant can do for you.

Remember: Before hiring a virtual assistant, assess the services you need and discuss those with the potential VA to make sure you are both on the same page.

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  1. Check email
  2. Schedule appointments
  3. Create flyers
  4. Manage websites
  5. Manage blogs
  6. Set up social media accounts
  7. Manage social media accounts
  8. Respond to social media
  9. Manage customer service
  10. Bookkeeping tasks
  11. Reach out to the media on your behalf
  12. Write press releases
  13. Create employee schedules
  14. Place supply orders
  15. Design business cards/ stationary
  16. Research
  17. Book flights/ hotels
  18. Plan events
  19. Manage calendar
  20. Remind you of meetings/ events
  21. Manage influencer marketing
  22. Manage affiliate marketing
  23. Handle voicemail
  24. Return calls
  25. Edit audio
  26. Edit video
  27. Create newsletters
  28. Handle SEO
  29. Write content
  30. Send greeting cards
  31. Organize digital files
  32. Data Entry
  33. Create power points and other presentations
  34. Convert PDFs
  35. Transcribe video/ audio
  36. Format/ layout of ebooks
  37. Ebook / Print book covers
  38. Preparing meeting minutes
  39. Preparing meeting agenda
  40. Create forms
  41. Create Contracts
  42. Blog comment moderation
  43. Receptionist duties
  44. Sending client invoices
  45. Project management
  46. Personal errands
  47. Preparing training materials
  48. Training online staff
  49. Uploading Youtube Videos
  50. Managing Pinterest
  51. Social Media Insights
  52. Find people to carry out other services
  53. Setting up autoresponders (mailchimp, etc)
  54. Google Alerts management
  55. Site metrics reporting
  56. Social Media metrics reporting
  57. Sending thank yous/ reminders to clients and customers
  58. Database building
  59. Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)
  60. Act as a liaison between you and other team members
  61. Recruitment
  62. Commenting on other blogs to increase your views (using links)
  63. Publish blog posts
  64. Participate in forums on your behalf
  65. Secretarial tasks
  66. Chasing business
  67. Sales calls
  68. Industry knowledge prep
  69. Manage customer spreadsheets/ information
  70. Prepare, collate and ship proposals and meeting materials
  71. Send out requested information to customers
  72. Handle client inquiries by phone or e-mail
  73. Translation and preparation of bilingual written or online materials
  74. Medical transcription
  75. Real Estate tasks
  76. Act as a simple call center
  77. Place orders
  78. Desktop publishing
  79. Remote computer repair
  80. Schedule maintenance tasks
  81. Client and partner management
  82. Researching/ monitoring competition
  83. Administration tasks
  84. Help prepare speeches/ presentations
  85. Proofread projects
  86. Track projects
  87. Collecting contacts
  88. Creative work
  89. Brainstorming
  90. Answer support tickets
  91. HR & Recruiting
  92. Spreadsheet creation
  93. Troubleshooting technical problems
  94. Software training
  95. Create systems and task lists
  96. Membership site management
  97. Research tools to help your business
  98. Management of specials/ sales/ special events
  99. Coach on time management/ organization for employees
  100. Build your business

There are so many different tasks a virtual assistant can handle, but none do all of them. If they do, they cannot do all of them well – unless you have a team working with you. When you find a virtual assistant you want to work with, discuss your expectations and their expectations. Discuss how you will communicate, which tasks are the most important, and hours they are available. You should also discuss if they are allowed to delegate tasks to members’ of their team.

I currently have slots open for virtual assistant clients and would be happy to discuss if we would be a great match. If not, I can help you find one that will be! Just email me at carionmedia at gmail dot com.

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