I have (not so recently) embraced Google Chrome Extension. However, as long as I have been a big fan of them, I’m always finding new extensions to help me out. Today I want to share with you the social media extensions I use. I’m sure you will find something on this list that will help with your own ventures!


1. Hootlet allows you to schedule tweets/ other updates for Hootsuite directly from your browser. You can add them to your queue or schedule a specific time.

2. Shareaholic for Pinterest allows me to easily pin from any website.

3. Buffer makes Bufferapp even more user friendly and convenient.

3. fbQuickLogIn allows me to quickly switch between multiple Facebook accounts (yes, I have several that I have to switch between).

4. GrabInbox allows me to post to any of my social networks (including Facebook pages) from anywhere on Chrome. I can send now, schedule a time, or even add it to my queue.

5. Explain and Send Screenshots– allows me to capture a webpage, make notes, draw, send to email, and send to social networks. This actually comes in really handy a lot. No more capturing pages, and editing in my photo editor!

6. QuickTweet- for multiple Twitter accounts– allows me to toggle between different twitter accounts within my Chrome browser. Because, there are times that we need to actually visit twitter- and who has time to sit there and remember every password?


Although most of these I use solely for Twitter, that is simply because I schedule differently for twitter. Most of these can actually be used for multiple social media platforms. I hope you found something on this list that helps!


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