images Anyone who has known me or read this blog (or NighLon) knows that I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to all things Twitter related. However, it can still be overwhelming at times. My solution is to schedule tweets ahead of time so that I can tweet what I want throughout the day. This works well for me. I have a few amazing tools that help me with this mission. I also have other tools that help with the over all managing of my Twitter accounts (I manage 5 and monitor another 4).


Anyone who has a Twitter account can benefit from these tools- I hope there is something here to help you! Note: these tools have a free version available.

On to my Top 10 Twitter Tools

1. Triberr is one of the best tools I have come across for increasing traffic to your blog and interactions within twitter. For more information on Triberr, check out my thoughts here.

2. Minideck (beta) is an essential tool for me. It allows me to queue tweets at optimal times to multiple accounts. I can schedule unlimited updates for 5 accounts. This works perfect for my purposes. It is just in beta now, but it is an invaluable tool. Minideck’s founders came to me after I complained about the loss of

3. Hootsuite (and Hootlet Chrome Extension) Although there are other tools like Hootsuite (Seesmic and Tweetdeck) and there are benefits to each, Hootsuite is my favorite. I like the layout so much better. Just a few of the things you can do with Hootsuite are queue tweets for the day (including messages, retweets, and replies); tweet at specific times, view multiple streams, accounts, and searches, and so much more. I have used it for a while and they are constantly adding new features and I am not sure I will ever discover everything I can do with it. Opening my desktop shortcut for Hootsuite is one of the first things I do each morning.

4. GrabInbox is a tool I use almost every single day. You can schedule tweets and Facebook updates. You can schedule tweets with specified dates and times and queue tweets to go at optimal times. You can even schedule updates for LinkedIn. The best part- GrabInbox even has analytics.

5. BufferApp is one of the first scheduling tools I started using. It created my obsession with finding even more tools that work for my purposes. BufferApp is amazing for queuing tweets for optimal times- just set up your account, install the Chrome extension and you are good to go!

6. Gremln is a very versatile Twitter tool that can also be used for Facebook. You can schedule tweets and even set recurring tweets- just be careful with those recurring tweets!

7. Chrome Extension is by far my favorite URL shortener. Sometimes I need to shorten a link and not depend on Twitter to take care of it for me. This works great when its one I will use over and over.  After the extension is installed, just open the page in your browser and click the icon. will shorten the link and save it to your clipboard- quite handy.

8. gathers your posts from all of your blogs and sends them along to the social media outlets you set up.

9. Tweet When is a free tool to analyze when the best time is to tweet. This is perfect with those tools that do not queue your tweets, but instead insist on your input for when the tweet is sent. It is also great for optimizing big news and deals.

10. ManageFlitter  is an amazing tool for managing followers. Easily see who is not following you, who is not active, who is a spammer, and even who is talkative. There are many other features available as well. There is a free plan, which is what I use.




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