niglonsolutionsNighLon has been a fun and rewarding experience. I started NighLon 8 years ago as a way to express my creative side. It started out as a fun side project helping musicians grow their fan base and get gigs while starting out. I had such a blast doing this that it quickly grew into a promotions and events campaign management company. It was never about money. It was about doing what I loved and being active in the industry I have always been passionate about- the arts, but more specifically, music. I also designed and made t-shirts. This only made my interest in logo design grow.

My dream was always to have my own music label and magazine. That dream never really ended, it was just put on a back burner. I found myself working my “regular” job too much to keep NighLon active.

When my son was born, I found myself aching to do something creative with what little free time I had. NighLon came back to life with a new purpose. My other passion in life has been branding and logo design-  I have always been intrigued by commercials and corporate branding, as well as personal branding. I finally had my chance. I dove in and love it, and still do. However, changes come. Through all the changes that have come over the years, NighLon has to evolve fully.

The name NIGHLON does not fully encompass my purpose. NighLon has grown and changed. With these changes, a name change is in order.

I will now flaunt the name Cari On Designing.

small banner

This is just a name change (and with that a change in branding). I am still me and I still have the same passion I always have. This just allows me to continue with my dreams.

However, don’t forget the name NighLon, it still has a purpose- its just a secret for now!

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