Several months ago, I posted about my urge to receive an invite to Triberr. Thanks to a bloggy buddy, I did receive an invite. I was disappointed at first, but I am now in love with Triberr. With Google as my boyfriend and Triberr as my “mistress” I can conquer the world.

I didn’t log in to Triberr for a few months after I had an account because I really thought it wasn’t helping much. Then, about a week ago, I received an invite to another tribe. I joined the tribe and decided to give it another go. I have been logging in most days for about a week and have seen some significant changes.

Since I decided to give it another shot, I have received several invites to new tribes, and seen a growth in my own tribe. Because of Triberr, I have gained close to 100 new Twitter followers. I am now a member of 12 tribes, have 379 Tribemates, and have a reach of over 5 million. That is pretty exciting. It also helps that I am finding new blogs to read and new people to follow on Twitter.

My Twitter stats are constantly improving and I have seen a huge increase in interactions. I am now hooked on Triberr and am urging you to join.

Here are some helpful articles (found through Triberr)

Triberr: 6 Simple Ways to Build your Tribe and Get Dozens of Retweets Along the Way

Triberr Review: Multiply Your Twitter Reach and Supercharge Your Retweets

Too much Triberr?


[tweetherder]Are you on Tribber? What is your favorite tool to make Twitter more fun (as if it weren’t enough fun already!)[/tweetherder]

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10 Responses to Triberr Thoughts

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes, Triberr takes time like most good things. Keep plugging along, get to know some members in your tribe and you will experience a differnce. Glad you finally have.

    • nighlon says:

      I have also found that Triberr helps me find blogs similar to mine that I want to read without trudging through twitter chatter and google results! I am absolutely loving it- thanks for visiting!

  2. Dino Dogan says:

    Glad you gave it another shot 🙂 and I’m thrilled that it’s working out for you.

    I do want to point out that any twitter benefits you’re seeing are purely accidental. Our goal is to bring more eyeballs to your blog, help you get more engagement, and ultimately help you make a living doing what you love to do.

    Thats how we measure our success 🙂

    Founder of Triberr

    • nighlon says:

      Thank you so much for visiting me! I think you have created one of the best twitter tools- if not the best. I have made amazing connections through Triberr that are “natural” because tribe-mates are all in the same field.
      I have noticed a huge improvement to my blog’s traffic. More traffic on twitter translates to more business interactions for me and my blog. I am also loving interacting with other bloggers!

      Thank you for all of your hard work!

  3. DJ Thistle says:

    Glad to be in a tribe with you Cari. Yes, Triberr can be very powerful if you stick with it and spend the time interacting with your tribe-mates. 🙂

    • nighlon says:

      I think that is something that I didn’t really even realize I was doing- I was interacting with you guys and having great discussions without thinking about it! Thanks for visiting, and I enjoy being your tribe-mate!

  4. Hi Cari,
    Definitely the most effective tool I have found for gaining readership and twitter followers. The bonus is, as you mentioned, the exposure and connections you make with other bloggers. Glad that it you gave it a second try!

    • nighlon says:

      Thanks for visiting! I am ecstatic that I did. Triberr is an amazing tool, and it has done so much more than the intentions were.

  5. Olivia Watson says:

    I found Triberr a little bit difficult to navigate at first, but that is to be expected with most new sites these days. One thing I like about Triberr is that you cannot simply join a tribe and begin blogging all over the place. You have to post comments on potential tribemates’ blogs first; after that, you will be given the option to request to join the tribe. What this means is that, with luck, you won’t get a tribe filling up with trolls and spambots who flood your tribal stream with meaningless blog posts.

    When first joining Triberr, before you connect to Twitter you must first be logged out of Twitter. When you then connect, Triberr requests permission to use your Twitter account. Give it permission and it then leads you to an Introduction page – you must complete the introduction in order to gain full use of Triberr. Without doing this, your account may not work correctly.

    • nighlon says:

      Thanks for visiting. I haven’t had any problems with my account working correctly. I love that Triberr isn’t full of bots!

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