I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after being down for a while.

I have a brand new Facebook Friday for you!

Facebook Friday

Facebook recently released a new option for page administrators that could be extremely beneficial.

Facebook Offers is a free feature that will allow you to post special offers and discounts like a status update.

Once posted, all your fan has to do is click redeem offer. Once redeemed, they will receive an email that can be printed or displayed on their smart phone at the business.  The offer will then be shared on their timeline and can be shared.  Not only do you now have a simple way of getting offers to your fans, but you get even more publicity. What can be better?

This is where the sad part of my relationship with Facebook comes in. Facebook Offers are only being released to a certain number of fan pages at the moment. Facebook has stated that they plan to release this feature to all pages soon.

Its also pretty simple to set up.

To set up the offer, you simply have to go to your page, click the event+ section above the status update and input the offer information. I regret to inform you that I can’t actually show you how to do it, because I do not have it available to me yet.

However, because I do have a love/ hate relationship with Facebook, I will come up with a super amazing offer when it is rolled out to all pages.

In the meantime, I will give you a special offer through my Facebook Page, so be sure you are a fan- it will only last a limited time.

While waiting for Facebook Offers to be available on your page, you can always create an event like I did!  (This is a hint for where to find the offer)

Do you have access to offers yet?

What Facebook Friday topics would you like to see?

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