I’ve been nominated!!!


Thank you Sylver Blaque for nominating me for this award. I am so honored. Your blog is amazing and the fact that you nominated me makes me want to jump right in again! Thank you!

Read about the Illuminated Blogger Award here.

In case you haven’t visited Sylver, you must, you must, visit Sylver Blaque. Not only is she one of the most unique people I know, but she is very encouraging. Her blog showcases her travels, thoughts, and studies into medieval life – just to name a few topics.

Now to share one random thing about myself.

This is harder than it sounds!

Thanks to a comment I made on Sylver’s blog- here goes.

I am afraid of stingrays.

I know that it seems like a really odd fear, but I’ll share the why with you.

When I was little (5ish) we lived on the coast (Beaufort, SC) and I would go fishing with my dad and grandmother A LOT. I never seemed to catch regular fish- I would catch anything that resembled an alien in the ocean. One time, I caught a stingray.

We are all sitting in the boat and my dad realized what I caught. I wanted to pet it- typical 5-year-old animal lover that I was. He started yelling at me to not touch it – that it would sting me. He also told me that it could kill me. I have been afraid of them since.

Fast forward several years and my dad wants to go on a cruise. He’s telling me about all these fun things we can do, like snorkel and PET A STING RAY— I think not!

Besides, we all know of a loveable animal dude who died from a stingray- seriously, who would want to pet one???

I’m also afraid of chickens, but that’s another story.

Now for my nominations (I am nominating those that inspire me – because Sylver inspires me!):

1. Patricia at The Dolls are alright

2. Kristin at 30 Something and Fabulous

3. April at Econfina Press

4. Rachel at The Air Force Wife

5. GiGi at Being Agent Mom

6.  Her Southern Charm

Yes, I went over 5, but that is okay!

Here are the Illuminating Blogger Award rules for accepting your award:

1. Create a post on your blog announcing your acceptance of the award.

2. In your acceptance post, thank the person who nominated you for the award, making sure to give a link back to that person’s blog.

3.  List 1 random thing about yourself.

4. Nominate at least 5 other blogs for the same award.

Congrats to you wonderful ladies, and thank you for inspiring me.

I have some great things lined up now that NighLon is finally up and running again!

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6 Responses to Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. You deserve this award & more! ; – >

    And, omg, I totally get your fear of sting rays now. I’ve never met one, but I would have been like you & wanted to pet it if I did. Now…not so much! Yikes!

    But I want to hear your fear-of-chickens story!

    • nighlon says:

      yeah- I think stingrays are evil aliens! I will share my fear of chickens at some point- I promise!

      Again, Thank you for your constant encouragement!

  2. Great post … Congrats 🙂

  3. Andie says:

    Stingrays freak me out too! And then that Steve Erwin died, it just made it worse.

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