The A to Z Blogging Challenge is on its last day. What better time to catch up?

It has definitely been a challenge, but fun along the way. I even learned a lot. What is better than that?

X is for Xenodochial

Xenodochial describes something that is friendly to strangers. In IT, this has a more specific meaning of being intuitive or easy to understand.


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I want you to expand on this definition for your business or blog.

Remember that your customers (readers) are not always experts, but they are also not idiots. Don’t talk to them like they are incapable or like they should know exactly what you are talking about.

Not only should you always speak with your customers/ readers with the right balance of terminology, but you should let the hospitality reach far beyond this and into every aspect of your business.

Simple hospitality is one of the best tools your brand can have. Not only does it make your customers’ experience more positive, but it also helps when the time comes for damage control.

Y is for Yammer

In their own words, Yammer is a Private Social Network for Your Company.

I love the idea of Yammer. I do have an account and can see the potential of this network.

Yammer began as the “twitter for business” in 2008 and is continually improving and building upon their features.

Although this is an amazing tool, I want to discuss the flaw in the platform.

There are more and more solopreneur businesses popping up, (I am not talking about freelancers), that still have a need for professional networking. These are the people who work with other businesses to accomplish a task. That company can be business to business or business to consumer. Either way, companies have an innate need to network with other companies.

I thought that was the premise behind Yammer when I signed up. I took the    “Twitter for businesses” seriously.

I understand the Yammer was started for in house communication. I am simply saying that they could build on this foundation and create an amazing network for businesses to connect with eachother.

Will this be in Yammer’s future?

Z is for Zenzic

Zenzic is the square of a number.

(Bet you can’t guess where this is going!)

In the honor of this FABulous word, I am honoring my dear friend.

GiGi (G Squared)- creative, huh?

GiGi writes at

Let you tell you- this lady is FABulous!

GiGi writes about her adventures of being Mom, Manager, and Agent to her two talented kids.

She also shares tips for finding agents and managers (sorry, no tips for finding moms).

Being Agent Mom

(Yes I did create her beautiful logo- even if I do say so myself)

GiGi has so many interests and she writes about them all via different blogs.

You should definitely follow her, I’m sure you will find something you like.

I am also lucky to be in the Misfit Bloggers with her!

So, although it was quite challenging, I really have enjoyed my journey blogging from A to Z.

I hope to do it again next year- but keep up a little better.

See this week’s Misfit Monday Blog Hop.

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3 Responses to X, Y, and Z: Blogging From A to Z

  1. GiGi Rena says:

    Awesome as always… and thank you so much for the mentions :-). Still so loving my logo’s!!!

  2. Byn says:

    Love it! Especially the last one. I feel like I’ve expanded my vocabulary:) I think I’ll whip these out and impress my genius husband!

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