As I have told you guys before, I think QR Codes are AMAZING!

Since I haven’t written about these amazing little codes, I will share some of my favorite QR code art with you.

source: Incredible Things

Americans: Y'All Love QR Codes | Fast Company | Mobile QR Codes |

source: Victoria’s Secret


QR code hotel

Source: QR Code Hote, Dubai

QR code ring


qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card


These are my favorite- I wonder if they taste good!

Here is a list of unique QR Code implementations:

Identify lost pets

Get information for houses on the market

Greeting Cards

Get nutritional information on food/ beverages

Download link for books and coupons

Political campaign information

To find out where produce is grown

Access tribute websites from headstones

As name tags

As luggage tags (genius!)

QR codes have also been seen on food, on designer clothing, and even as tattoos.

What is your favorite use of QR codes?

Have you or would you implement them into your business?

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6 Responses to Quirky QR Codes: Blogging From A to Z

  1. E Lenze says:

    I love QR codes. The luggage tag is a great idea! I also like the bracelet and ring, maybe because I love jewelry 🙂

    • Cari says:

      I do believe I will be using the luggage tag the next time I travel. I love jewelry too, can you imagine the potential opportunities that the bracelet and ring could hold.

  2. GiGi Rena says:

    That car is freaking awesome! And there’s that tattoo you want 🙂 I would love to implement this in some form just haven’t figured out how. I think the geek wedding invitation would be cool too….

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