Today, I am going to encourage you to monitor your Facebook insights, and show you how to do this!

This is super easy to accomplish!

From your admin panel on your Facebook page, find the section that says “insights” and click “see all”

The first tab is “Overview”

For measuring not only your fan engagement, but also help you track who is “talking” about your brand.

With the chart Facebook provides, you can see if your tactics are working or if you need to rethink your strategy.

It also allows you to compare your interactions with how often you post.

The second tab is “Likes”

Your likes are broken down into male/ female ratio and age.

There are comparison lists for countries, cities, and languages.

Where the traffic generated from that provided the “like”

The third tab is “Reach”

This tab is really handy.

It kind of combines all of the information so that you can get a better feel of it.

It will help you get a better feel of who your fans are.

The fourth tab is “Talking About This”

This tab is the most beneficial to pages with larger fan bases because “Demographic data for People Talking About This is only available when more than 30 people were talking about this Page in the 7 days preceding the last day of your selected date range.” According to Facebook.

However, you can see a chart of “who is talking about this” and “viral reach”

I urge you to dive into your insights and get to know them.

I’m sure it will help you figure out what kind of engagement your fans want.

Its is all about the fans, isn’t it.

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4 Responses to Monitor Facebook: Blogging from A to Z

  1. Kim says:

    Great post. I need all the help I can get…I’m pretty new to this digital world. Thanks

    • Cari says:

      Thank you for visiting Kim! I love your site! I have lots of great information, and if you ever need help, just email me ( nighlon dot solutions at gmail dot com )

      Also, I will have a forum soon.

  2. Candi says:

    I realize I have no men talking about my page. I thought food speaks to guys? Cupcakes? what?

    • Cari says:

      You should make some bacon cupcakes! Mashed potatoes with gravy icing and bacon pieces sprinkles.

      Or make some that look “guyish”

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