Today is a two part post because I couldn’t choose which one I wanted to do first. Also- because some special ladies I know are going to Bloggy Boot Camp.

I cannot wait to see what knowledge Pamela and Gretchen bring back with them.

Lets start with the Launch Station.

I’m sure you have seen these all over the web, in magazines, and you may even have one in your home. I think they are genius- mine saved me from forgetting very important items while running out the door to work.

I put a different spin on mine now. Because I work at home, I have a mobile office. This allows me to work wherever I need to, without forgetting my materials. Really handy for getting work done while a toddler plays. I know that a lot of people have mobile offices, but do they use a Launch Station with it? Probably, but I have yet to see one online. Maybe I’m not digging deep enough. Because of this lack of information, I will share mine with you.

I will admit, though, that I took pictures, but it really isn’t very pretty. Its also not completely finished- I still have to gather some materials. Today, I will share my tips for setting one up, and I will share the finished product next week, when I share my mobile office with you.

Benefits of a Launch Station

  • Because your mobile office will be convenient, your Launch Station can be somewhere out of the way and not so convenient. Its a great way to utilize that space that you are clueless about what to put there.
  • It allows you to gather those items that you don’t need in your mobile office, yet still need access to.
  • Don’t have a home office? That’s okay, with a Launch station and a mobile office, you will have everything you need.
  • You no longer have to search for somewhere to print items, charge, or sync.

What to have at your launch station

  • A space to plug your computer
  • print
  • sync
  • charge
  • back up data to an external drive
  • A container for all of those cords and cables you don’t need every second
  • A place to stash extra office supplies
  • A place for files you are not needing at the moment
  • Extra gadgets and back ups
  • Disks, computer paper, and books you use for work
  • You can even place your router in your Launch Station
  • A bulletin board (this is a big one)
  • Spare glasses (I learned this the hard way)
  • I also recommend a chair or stool for preparing for your day
    • This is great for setting your mobile office and calendar on while you prepare and gather what you need for the day.

    Who needs a Launch Station and a Mobile office?

    • Anyone who works in different locations
    • Those that carry their work with them
    • Anyone who attends conferences and trade shows.
    • A Launch Station can also be set up with this purpose in mind.

    I urge anyone who can benefit from a mobile office set up a Launch Station, it will make life much more convenient.

    NighLon’s Tips for Attending Conferences

    These are things I have learned from attending trade shows and conferences in different industries. They are simple tips that will work no matter the specific purpose of the event. My tips are simple, yet will make your experience much less stressful.

    1. Pack items needed (not clothing, etc) for the actual event several days ahead of time. This will allow you time to make sure you have everything.
    2. Make sure you have spare chargers so that you aren’t grabbing one at the last minute walking out the door. (I learned this lesson the hard way)
    3. Carry a small cross body bag for business cards, ID, pen, notepad, and hand sanitizer.
    4. In your larger bag, carry a folded reusable shopping bag (I never leave home without one), along with your computer, chargers, water, notebook, and a pair of really comfortable shoes. (The ballet flats that fold are perfect for this)
    5. Connect with someone before the event, and make it a point to spend some time together while you are there.
    6. Know who you are and why you are there.
    7. Know what sessions you want to attend, and research the speakers. Write down any questions you have. Organize them my session.
    8. Have fun and smile.
    There you have it, my simple tips to make conference life easier.
    Trade show tips at a later date.
    Are you going to a conference? Which one?
    Do you have tips for conferences?
    What are your must-have items for your mobile office or Launch Station?
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    2 Responses to Launch Station & My Conference Tips: Blogging From A-Z

    1. Candi says:

      Oh, I probably need one. I am in the middle of organizing. I saw a new show on HGTV called clean freaks. I love it. Some people are really organized. The closets are really in order and so is their kitchens. I don’t like those people right now.

      • Cari says:

        I have to see that, every time I watch tv some kind of landscaping show is on. I love HGTV!

        I used to organize my pantry, closet, or bathroom cabinets when I was stressed!

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