As many of you know, I participated in The SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. I learned so much and was introduced to an amazing group of ladies that I now refer to as the Misfit Bloggers. These ladies are essential in the NighLon process.

Throughout the challenge, we were presented with various challenges to improve our blogs. They were all fabulous and really did help improve NighLon. However, there was one challenge that I struggled with, and continue to struggle with. The elevator pitch. I love writing them for other people, but when it comes down to the wire for me to write my own, I struggle. I don’t know why, I guess its like bragging on yourself.

I have found the perfect tool to solve this problem. It is and it is amazing! Market yourself in 15 Seconds

I was browsing when I ran across this amazing tool. I was skeptical, but that was soon put to ease. This site walks you through each process to help you craft the perfect elevator pitch.

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why you’re the best
  4. Your call to action
  5. Preview
When you are in the preview screen, you can easily go back and tweak it, if need be. I have learned from using this tool that it is much simpler to get a basic layout for your elevator pitch, and then worry about adding personality. There are even tools to help with pitching!  The original via 15second pitch is above, but I have tweaked it slightly. Here is my final draft:

My name is Cari and I am the owner of NighLon. I am a marketing consultant specializing in branding and logo design. I pride myself in working closely with clients when designing and assisting with marketing, social media, and branding projects. I have a unique perspective that is based on personal experience, sociology, and past work experiences in promotions, sales, and customer service. Read to get an intimate look into the branding and marketing world. You will like what you see and want me by your side on your next endeavor. 

It didn’t need a huge change, but I love it. I’m sure that it will still evolve and NighLon does.

I urge you to visit 15secondpitch and try it out. I think you will be impressed.

What are your tips for an elevator pitch?
What do you struggle with in your branding/ marketing endeavors?
What would you like to see on NighLon?


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6 Responses to An Elevator Pitch Is Essential: Blogging From A to Z

  1. April says:

    Great idea Cari! For those of us who have learned that “boasting” is not good, it is very difficult to “sale” ourselves even though it is essential when presenting your services. Thanks.

  2. nighlon says:

    Thanks Mom! As always, it is a pleasure to have you year. I have told you for years to brag on yourself- I just can’t seem to follow my own advice!

  3. Janet Poole says:

    Hey Cari – always coming up with bright ideas aren’t we (you I mean!). I’ll have a go at this because yep while self-promotion is a challenge for many, so is being objective about what we do. And yep agreed that speech of mine just keeps changing. Look out for my re-tweet – still getting the hang of that twitter.
    Bye for now!

    • nighlon says:

      Thank you so much for the retweet! I really appreciate you helping me get the word out. While I have struggled with self promotion, your book really has helped me see myself in a better light. I will definitely be re-reading it soon. You’ll get the hang of Twitter! If you need help, I will be co-hosting a twitter party soon! #twitterformisfits will teach basic strategies for twitter!

      • Janet Poole says:

        Tx Cari, could I bug you to let me know when your twitter party starts and I’ll endeavor to be there. The more I use it the clearer it gets – I expect that’s something you’ll tell us to do!
        J x

        • Cari says:

          Yes ma’am- diving in and embracing is the best thing you can do. As soon as my co-host and I decide on a date,I will be sure to let you know. Thanks for visiting!

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