I am so happy to be introducing some of you to a dear friend today.

Some of you already know this spectacular lady!

Sylver Blaque: 

The light & dark of it. Travels through foreign minds, and back in time. 

Not only is Sylver one of the most interesting people I have had the honor of meeting, she is just an amazing person in general.

Sylver blogs about her gypsy life. She travels the world, studies Journalism, and is a freelance writer. I don’t know how in the world she keeps up with everything because she also works at a wildlife rescue.

Sylver has a blog like no other and always has something interesting to read on her blog.

I think my favorite posts are the Medieval life posts!  (I look forward to them every week)

Sylver, thank you for sharing your travels and your unique voice with the world.

Thank you for being a constant source of encouragement, humor, and ideas.

I am proud to be in the Misfit Bloggers with you.

(Don’t forget to snag your award!)

Have you visited Sylver?

You must you must!

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2 Responses to Misfit Blogger: Sylver Blaque

  1. Omg, what a sweet surprise! Was perusing your site, and I saw my name. Cari, you are the sweetest peach on the tree! 🙂

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