This week I am sharing with you my Top 10 Facebook pages apps. There are 12 spaces (9 being in a drop down menu). The first one, by default, will always be photos. One of them will be likes. Have fun with the rest!

  1. is an amazing service I use. It gathers stories from your social networks and arranges them by subject matter. To use this app, simply go to their page. Then, on the left menu, click the link. It will help you install this app.
  2. Networked Blogs is a great way to show your feed. If you already have Networked blogs, just go to the app and you will be walked through the process. (It may already be on your timeline). If you do not have Networked blogs-, you really should! – That is for another post!
  3. Twittus may just be my favorite app yet.  #ILOVETWITTER, but never really liked posting my tweets to Facebook. Now, however, I can display them in their own box! This is pretty exciting.  Twittus is actually on your own profile, but what a great way to advertise!
  4. The DoJo Twitter Feed from AppSumo allows you to share your tweets on your timeline. The other cool feature of DoJo Twitter Feed is that fans can retweet and reply right from your timeline.
  5. The MailChimp allows you to create a tab for fans to subscribe to your newsletter. Pretty Handy!
  6. Contact Me “The easiest way to organize and grow your business” creates contact forms that can be accessed via tabs on the timeline. Use this to reel in new clients or to work with other brands. How you use contact forms is reliant on your specific business/ blog. That being said, I’m sure they can be beneficial to everyone!
  7. SurveyMonkey! It’s pretty obvious that this app allows you to create surveys, but its more than just a poll. SurveyMonkey allows you to create the survey/ poll, send it to fans, and even embed the survey into your timeline or post a link on your wall. It is great for anyone wanting fan feedback!
  8. Professional allows you to add a page to your timeline to showcase your portfolio and experiences.
  9. Promo allows you to create your own promotions for your brand. It will make giving something away in exchange for a like so much easier.
  10. FaqPage allows you to create a tab for frequently asked questions. This is great for all types of brands.
I hope this list really helps!
For help arranging the apps in your tabs, check here!
What is your favorite App for Facebook Pages?
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6 Responses to Facebook Friday: Apps for Timeline

  1. Patricia says:

    You are truly a source of great information and one day, when I don’t feel the fear in my tummy, I will add these to my FB fan page … and luckily, have your instructions to guide me through it all. Thanks Cari for sharing your tech-savviness!

  2. Byn says:

    I LOVE a lot of these and wonder if maybe it would help me get a little more interaction on my blog. My comments are really sparse.

    I have noticed the “Contact Me” a lot lately and have thought about it. I am so “youtube” focused at the moment, though, but I definitely need to come back to this in two weeks when our kickstarter thing is over.

    Great, informative, easy to use post Cari. Awesome job!

  3. nighlon says:

    Thanks Byn! I actually thought about you when I listed the Contact Me- I thought you could use it to get spots on television or let people tell you what they would like to see Bean do.

  4. Facebook just frustrates me anymore, so I really don’t pay much attention to my page anymore except for an occasional post here or there. But if I did, this is a great guide!

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