I spilled wine on myself in front of  THE DRIFTERS.

The Drifters… yes, THE Drifters!

I’m taking you back several years.

I was 20.

I was working at a local restaurant/ bar/ concert venue/ resort.

It was a really nice place, and I made great tips.

(No, I’m not talking the kind that make me bruise myself)

While working there, several big name musicians played concerts.

This was my favorite part of the job- in my early 20s, I was a concert junkie.

I worked a once-in-a-lifetime show, and even waited on a world famous group.


I had a couple other tables during the night as well. I was carrying a tray with four glasses of Merlot to a table, I walked by the table where these gentlemen were sitting. What did I do? I tripped! (I’m really clumsy) I spilled wine all over myself and the floor. To make matters worse, I was wearing a white button down shirt. The wine even went over my head and spilled on the back of my shirt.

* I have never been more embarrassed in my life!*

I stood up and started cleaning. To my amazement, I didn’t break any glasses! I grabbed a mop to clean. (Here’s a tip: Alcohol is not easy to mop up!)

When I finished cleaning, I went to the restroom, composed myself and went right back out. I checked on The Drifters and my other tables to make sure no one had wine spilled on them. I made sure to smile through the rest of the night, smelling like Merlot and all.

I ended the night with a spin around the dance floor being passed from Drifter to Drifter.

It actually ended up being a pretty good night.

I learned several lessons from this:

Always have an extra shirt.

Smile through the embarrassment, something good will come. 

Make sure your customers/ clients are taken care of. 

Everyone has tripped.

These lessons can also be applied to your business.

Have a back up plan.

Hold your head up high- a slip up does not define you.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore your customers/ clients when you trip.

Every major company has tripped, you will get past it.

Before you trip, make sure you have a firm foundation of fans. Your true fans are a steady ground to stand on. They are your best PR. When you do slip up, these are the people who will spin you around the dance floor and make it okay.

Happy branding, and don’t cry over spilled wine!

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9 Responses to Spilled Wine? Don’t get your NighLons in a bunch!

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh boy ;-P
    I love how you ended this post though. We can always always always learn from our mistakes, even if it doesn’t always happen right away. Thanks for sharing, Cari!

    • nighlon says:

      Thank you Rachel! You are absolutely correct, there is a lesson in everything. I hope you got a great laugh!

  2. Patricia says:

    This is fabulous Cari! Love how you pulled together the personal with work at the end … such perfect tips to remember for sure. So glad you got to dance with The Drifters.

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  4. Pamela says:

    Love it!


  5. nighlon says:


  6. Byn says:

    I feel like I trip through life more often than not! Great post:)

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