In last week’s post, I mentioned that the Best of the Web would be a little bit different for several weeks. The reason being that my group of Misfit Blogger Buddies and I are doing blog critiques. This week is NighLon’s week to be critiqued. What this means for you: Today’s post is a little different and there will be some fabulous changes in the weeks to come. We all need to take a step back and let others give us feedback on our blogs. This is exactly what I am doing. NighLon is not only getting some great feedback, but some amazing ideas from the other misfit bloggers!

Now, I will get to today’s special post: a call for sponsors. Besides consultations, start up, and design services; NighLon is now offering advertisement space for rent.

My Stats:

161 unique visitors a day, totaling to 209 page views. (Many of which are very loyal readers)

NighLon has a direct network of 1074 people via Facebook and Twitter.

Klout score of +54, with influence in 7 topics.

 What you get:

I am charging a flat rate of $50 dollars a month for ad space. However, this includes more than just a square on the sidebar. It also comes in two options.

Ad size choices:

300 x 100 (one offered a month) [reference: the for rent button on the sidebar]

150 x150 (two offered a moth)

These will be located on the sidebar where the “This space for rent” button is. I will only be offering 3 spaces a month, but If I am filled up, I will definitely be happy to work with you.

Other benefits of advertising on NighLon include:

One sponsors highlight post a month.

One “please follow” tweet a month

#hashtag of your choice used once a day

One Facebook Share a week

I will add your advertisement to the weekly newsletter for the month

I will also add your advertisement to my email signature for the month

I can also help design your ad.

If you need more time to advertise or need a bigger ad space, email me and we will discuss it.

If you want to use just a few of my services, NighLon can work with that as well.

This has been my call for sponsorships, if you are interested, email me at

 Keep calm and advertise with NighLon!

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