“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –  Pierre Omidyar, founder, eBay

This quote rings true, and will continue to ring true as long as life as we know it exists. With this technology, marketing has become much simpler. However, it has also become more difficult. It is easier to get the message out there, but with such a flood of information, it is sometimes harder to get noticed. Yes, I know, it is hard to believe, but human behavior is in fact changing in the face of social media. All this means is that as people, brands, businesses, and bloggers; we have to change the way we communicate.

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We have to realize that everyone has the world at their fingertips. Part of knowing this is also remembering that you also have the world at your fingertips. This means that even though the world is “shouting” at eachother via the internet, we have a much wider audience than we would have had even 5 years ago.

Social media is not a crippler for small businesses, it is just a means to reach the world.

Today, I am sharing with you my “must have” tools for marketing with social media.

Even though some of these may seem like “duh” not everyone realized that they can use the tools to their benefit.


  1. A Facebook fanpage- Facebook has the second highest volume of traffic on the internet. Second only to Google.
  2. Twitter- As technology progresses, us humans have shorter attention spans. Twitter is perfect for reaching new audiences, sharing blog posts, following #trends, and answering questions.
  3. Buffer– Use Buffer to schedule tweets (you can place up to 10 tweets in your bufferapp using the free account.) I use it to place quotes in. That way, if I don’t make it to twitter, my readers can still benefit from following me.
  4. Photobucket- Still my favorite photo sharing and hosting platform.
  5. Youtube- there are so many uses: post how to videos, make commercials, examples for research, and why not host a vlog??
  6. wififreenet.com- find a free hotspot wherever you are!
  7. Google Apps- Google labs is always adding new and useful applications to help the small business owner. Remember to treat your blog like a business and use these to your advantage (most are even free). My favorite is Google documents and calendar. Use these to not only keep yourself on track, but also collaborate on projects. My other favorite- Google Analytics.  These are amazing tools that you can definitely use to your advantage.
  8. Stumbleupon- not only can you keep track of your favorite websites, you can discover new favorites, and even use it to market your own site.
  9. Twiddla– Host meeting and planning sessions online. You can even bring in a particular website to discuss and doodle all over it.
  10. Photoshop.com- Edit images and store them. This is a free service, so even though it is not competition for software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, it will do the job when you simply need to do a quick edit.
Of course, there are many more on my list, but this is just my ‘get started’ list. They may not seem like it now, but I can almost guarantee that everything on this list can be useful to you at some point.
The above infographic demonstrates the way people respond to social media.
If you know of a website that should be added to the list or want additional information as to how to use any of these services, just comment and I will address it!
I am always looking for questions to answer and more posts to write.
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5 Responses to My Top 10 Resources for Marketing

  1. Byn says:

    I use gimp for photo editing. It is a free download and very useful when you need to do a bit more extreme photo editing. It seems similar to photoshop:)

    Great list, as usual… although I still can’t seem to *get* or keep up with twitter, and I have the shortest attention span of all!!

  2. nighlon says:

    Byn, I think that Buffer would help you. I place all 10 of my tweets in one day, but you can stretch it out so that you only have to go every couple of days and refill it.
    I have heard great things about Gimp, but never actually used it (I use Paint Shop Pro)- Thank you for sharing that. I will have to try it out!

  3. Patricia says:

    Went to download gimp, but I have a MAC. Maybe I’ll head over to a MAC store and buy photoshop for MAC. I want to play more with images and I’ve been talking photoshop for years now. Thanks for all the great info Cari (as usual) and to Byn for the gimp info. (this is definitely being pinned on my geek board)

  4. nighlon says:

    YAY! I may just have to pick your brain for “resources for MAC users” since I don’t use a MAC. (sidenote: My mother and I call my little man MAC, hehe)

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