So, on “day 3” of my 25 Days of Christmas,

I will share with you a day in the life of a geek Mom at ChristmasTime.

What does a Mom do when:

There is a One year old running around;

from fridge to freezer with magnets in hand?

Oh, and don’t forget he is learning to go Potty!

[bragging on my 14 month old a little]

What does she do when

he is also cutting teeth AGAIN?

Why follow him around, of course!

What does a Wife do when:

Her husband is a geek in his own way?

When he wrestles with a little monster every morning?

When he puts up the tree and lights…

and it looks oh so nice?

What does she do when,

he loves sausage balls, lemon bars, and sugar cookies?

Why bake, of course!

[yes, I know, its scary… I bake, or at least i’m learning to!]

What does a GEEKY WIFE and MOM do at ChristmasTime?

When the new Star Wars goodies come out.

When its shopping season,

and she can’t take her eyes off the secret things she is obsessed with?

Why she drools over STAR WARS goodies, of course!


Light Saber Chopsticks


Lego Star Wars Advent

Star Wars Xbox

So, in summary… These are the things that all those Star Wars fans on your nice (or naughty) list will enjoy!


On to the

Today’s blog of the day is one that I subscribe to, and I really enjoy her posts!


Arvee blogs about all things that make her happy.

ESPECIALLY photography!

She’s such a great photographer, I wish I had half her talent.

When I read her blog, I realize that while we are so much alike,

I would actually annoy her to death.

(mostly because I LOVE exclamation points!!!! … see)

This is my favorite photo on her blog:


source: flutterhappy

Just hop on over to flutterhappy,

and let her know I sent you.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas

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