I was thinking today about some habits that I have.

They don’t seem all that strange to me, but maybe some are.

These are the things I ALWAYS do!

(and yes, I am slightly OCD)

1. Drink entirely too much coffee

2. Kiss my husband

3. Kiss my son

4. Text my mom

5. Pick on my father-in-law

6. Laugh with my mother-in-law

7. All kinds of mommy things

8. Make some kind of list

9. Check my calendar (and it has to be paper)

-enter the internet-

10. Check email

11. Roll through FB

12. Look at Twitter

13. Look at Google to check the doodle

14. Check my stats

15. Read SKIRT


17. Search something random

18. Create some graphic/ tag

19. Try out a new tool/ trick/ website

-and the finale-


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2 Responses to 20 Things I do EVERYDAY

  1. Love it! I think this is a terrific post, and is giving me some great ideas 🙂

  2. nighlon says:

    Thanks! Maybe I should do an updated one! (With a different graphic- That was the very first thing I drew). I’m so glad you got an idea from me, I can’t wait to see it.

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